Can you solve these common problems of vibrating screen?

Technical Parameters

  The vibrating screen is a sorting, dewatering, desliming, dislodging, sorting sieving equipment. The vibration of the sieve body is used to loosen, layer and penetrate the material to achieve the purpose of material separation. The screening effect of the vibrating screen has a great impact not only on the value of the product, but also on the efficiency of the next operation.

  In daily production, the vibrating screen will encounter various problems, such as bearing heating, component wear, fracture, screen blockage and wear, etc. These are the main reasons affecting the screening efficiency. Therefore, in order to improve efficiency, Providing support for follow-up operations is the key to solving these common problems.

  First, the vibration screen bearing is hot

  In general, during the test run and normal operation of the vibrating screen, the bearing temperature should be kept in the range of 35 ~ 60 ° C. If it exceeds this temperature value, it should be cooled down. The main reasons for the high bearing temperature are as follows:

  1.The radial clearance of the bearing is too small

  Vibration screen bearings with too small radial clearance will cause the bearings to overwear and heat up, mainly because the bearings carry larger loads, higher frequencies, and the loads are constantly changing.

  Solution: It is recommended that the bearing adopt a large clearance. If it is a normal clearance bearing, the outer ring of the bearing can be ground to a large clearance.

  2.The top of the bearing gland is too tight

  There must be a certain gap between the gland of the vibrating screen and the bearing outer ring, so as to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the bearing and a certain axial movement.

  Solution: If the top of the bearing gland is too tight, it can be adjusted by the seal between the end cover and the bearing seat, and it can be adjusted to the gap.

  Worn or broken parts of vibrating screen

  After long-term operation of some parts of the vibrating screen, severe wear and tear may occur. Common wear and tear parts include springs, bearings, pipe beams, beams and screen frames.

  1.The spring is worn or broken

  The spring should be an important part for vibration and noise reduction of the vibrating screen. If the spring is worn or broken, it will not only produce a large noise, but also cause disturbances on the screen.

  Solution: The spring should be replaced in time to prevent production accidents.

  2, bearing wear or fracture

  Bearings are an important part of the vibrating screen. There are many reasons for bearing wear or fracture. Once the wear is severe or broken, it can only be stopped and replaced.

  3.Beam fracture

  Beam fractures are mostly due to the long working time at critical frequencies. A large number of high-strength bolts tightening the side plates loosen, causing serious deformation of the spring, and the difference between the left and right heights often causes the beam to break. It may also be caused by excessive eccentric block weight errors. Damage to the structure caused the beam to break.

  Solution: Stop and replace the damaged structural parts and beams and tighten the bolts; adjust the quality of the eccentric block.

  4.The screen frame is broken

  Fracture of the screen frame is generally caused by vibration of the vibrating screen.

  Solution: Thicken the side plate, or locally thicken the side plate near the shaker (or increase the attached plate) to enhance the rigidity of the whole screen frame.

  Third, the screen of the vibrating screen is blocked or worn

  1.Sieve holes are blocked

  Generally, the blockage of the vibrating screen is mostly caused by the high mud content and moisture content in the feed, which makes the material stick to the screen and block the screen.

  Solution: Firstly, the sieve holes should be cleaned, and then the water spray volume and the screen surface tilt angle should be adjusted appropriately.

  2. Sieve hole wear

  When the vibrating screen is used for a long time, it will cause serious wear of the screen holes and affect the screening effect.

  Solution: If the sieve holes are not severely worn, repair them in time. If the sieve holes are severely worn, consider replacing the screen.

  The above are some of the common problems of vibrating screens, and also the key problems that seriously affect the screening operation. In solving these problems, in addition to being able to find problems and solve problems in a timely manner, you also need to pay attention to purchase and selection, and try to choose reliable and reputable manufacturers to effectively improve the operating efficiency of the vibrating screen.

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