The airflow sorting machine has better effect on the preparation and cleaning of the screen than the vibrating screen.


  First, the rubber production process:

  The general process of rubber powder preparation is: tire cutting machine - wire drawing machine - tire crusher - rubber crusher - magnetic separator - rubber crusher - air flow sorting machine - rubber grinding machine - air flow sorting machine - quantitative loading Bag machine.

  Second, the characteristics of the airflow screening machine:

  1. The waste tire can be pulverized into 40~120 mesh fine rubber powder at normal temperature, and the steel wire and nylon fiber in the tire can be automatically separated and recycled.

  2. The production line has a compact structure, a small footprint, and the production process is quite simple;

  3. The equipment consumes low energy and the investment cost is high;

  4, high degree of automation, do not need to spend too much manpower;

  5. The screen can be replaced arbitrarily, with high screening efficiency and large output;

  6. Fineness and precision without super-mixing, the screen is not loaded and has a long service life;

  7. Wide range of fineness, fully enclosed structure, no dust and dust, low noise, low energy consumption, continuous operation and convenient maintenance.