7 advantage of ultrasonic system used in Ultrasonic vibrating screen for Fine powder

Technical Parameters

ZYCⅡ Ultrasonic Power Source

ZYCⅡ Ultrasonic Power Source

Technical Parameters:

  1. voltage : 220V AC,Current:0.5A
  2. Frequency:37±0.5KHz
  3. Power:20-100W
  4. Temperature:-5℃-65℃
  5. Humidity:0-95%


  1. Frequency automatic tracking: After initial installation and debugging, it can work continuously according to the required output frequency.
  2. Automatic search frequency: automatic measurement of the operating frequency of the screen frame, so that the ultrasonic power source output frequency and net rack resonant frequency of the same, suitable for a variety of domestic and foreign ultrasonic screen frame.
  3. Automatic amplitude adjustment: During the work, the transducer can automatically adjust the vibration when the loading changes, to ensure stable amplitude of the screen frame.
  4. Automatic power tracking: The power source system real-time adjustment of power output according to the loading, so that high-frequency mechanical energy output to the most reasonable and most economical state.
  5. Ultrasonic system protection: When the circuit aging and circuit short, the power source will automatically shut down, then protect the screening equipment from damage.Overheat protection: When the material temperature reaches 85 ℃, can protect the power source is not damaged.
  6. Amplitude adjustment: According to the different conditions of the screen machine, the power source output amplitude can be instantaneous increase or decrease, the amplitude set 4 stages(Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅳ).
  7. Components: Field effect power module (IGBT) use Fairchild brand from USA, with small size, big power, fast response and so on. Power tube with Toshiba 90A / 1200V from Japan, put out the burning pipe.
ZYCⅡ Ultrasonic Power Source

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