Rectangular vibrating screen Technical Parameters


Rectangular vibrating screen use excellent vibrant motor as power source, so that the materials can be thrown up on the sieve and forward to make a straight movement. It can be equipped with single or multi-screen to achieve the grading, removing impurity, removing dust, testing, washing selecting, dehydration etc.
rectangular vibrating screen motor

Applied Field

It is widely used in grinding materials, chemical, construction, chemicals, pharmacy, metallurgy, ceramics, fertilizers, coal industry to screening and grading the granular and powder bulk materials.


1.High sieving efficiency, high utilization ratio of screen, with bouncing balls set under the screen which eliminates mesh blockage, increasing precision of sieving.
2.Continuous working.
3.Fully enclosed structure avoids dust overflow, reaching the request of sanitation.
4.Rubber springs may be used on customers’ requests, which would considerably reduce running noise, improving labors’ working environment.
5.Simple and rational tension mode of screen, easy to replace.
6.The screen frame may be replaced as per different mesh numbers, saving running cost.


Two vibration motors installed on the equipment which work in simultaneously and reverse rotation. The screen box supported by the four springs produce reciprocating linear motion under the vibration force generated by the motors. When the the vertical component of the vibration acceleration N is greater than acceleration due to gravity g, material in the tank was thrown up, press forward to jump along parabolic path. Each vibration of the tank, the material would be thrown up once. In the process of encounter with the screen, the material which is smaller than screen mesh can go through it, so as to achieve classification purpose.

Technical Parameter

rectangular vibrating screen picture chare one

Model Screen Specification (mm) Layer Mesh Size(mm) Particle Size(mm) Vibrating Frequency (r/min) Double Amplitude (mm) Power (KW) Vibrating Direction Angle (°)
ZYSZ525 500×2500 1--6 0.074-10 0.06-15 960
4--8 2×0.4, 2×0.75 45-60
ZYSZ1020 1000×2000 1--6 0.074-10 0.07-20 960 4--8 2×0.75, 2×1.5 45-60
ZYSZ1025 1000×2500 1--6 0.074-10 0.07-15 960
5--8 2×0.4, 2×0.75 45-60
ZYSZ830 800×3000 1--6 0.074-10 0.1-20 960 6--8 2×0.75, 2×1.5 45-60
ZYSZ1030 1000×3000 1--6 0.074-10 0.1-20 960 6--8 2×0.75, 2×1.5 45-60
ZYSZ1224 1200×2400 1--3 0.074-10 0.1-23 960 6--8 2×0.75, 2×1.5 45-60
ZYSZ1230 1200×3000 1--3 0.074-10 0.1-23 960 6--8 2×1.5 45-60

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