Plastic industy PVC Technical Parameters


Zhenying vibrating screens are widely used in the production of polyethylene and polypropylene. For some downstream equipment like extrudes and cutter-bar,rotary or linear vibrating sieve are used for removing strip, filaments and ribbon from plastic granule. These plastic particles are used for the making of a variety of plastic products,from water bottle to computer box.

Other applications

Acetylene • Painting • Coke • Epoxy materials • Foam container • Glaze • Injection • Latex •Transparent synthetic resin • Phenol resin • Plastic beads • Plastic folders • Plastic fine pellets • Plastic granule • Re abrasive plastic • Plastic product • Polyethylene • Polymerization products• Polypropylene • Polystyrene aggregate products • resin • Rubber • Silicone • Styrene bead • Polystyrene foam • Teflon • Tire&Rubber • Wax • Synthetic Rubber Chemical .

Raw Material Density g/cm3 Mesh Model Method Processing capacity
Plasma Resin 1.7 20-40-50-60-70 ZYY-1200-5S DRY 1100Kg/h
Melamine Resin 0.4 30 /60 ZYD-500-1S DRY 30Kg/h
Eps Resin 0.4 0.35mm 0.8mm 1.0mm 40mesh ZYY-2000-4S DRY 2500kg/h
Urea Resin 0.6 40 ZYD-1000-1S DRY 800Kg/kg
PVC material 1.0 9.0mm ZYD-800-1S DRY 850kg/h
PVC material 1.0 10mm 5mm ZYD-1200-1S DRY 3000kg/h
Pe powder 0.45 48 /100 ZYD-800-1S DRY 100kg/h
Koroseal 0.5 60 ZYD-1000-1S DRY 450kg/h
Urea 2.0 3.55mm-2.0mm ZYY-1535 DRY 160000kg/h


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