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Technical Parameters

plastic Zhenying vibrating screens are widely used in the production of polyethylene and polypropylene. For some downstream equipment like extrudes and cutter-bar,rotary or linear vibrating sieve are used for removing strip, filaments and ribbon from plastic granule. These plastic particles are used for the making of a variety of plastic products,from water bottle to computer box.

Other applications

Acetylene • Painting • Coke • Epoxy materials • Foam container • Glaze • Injection • Latex •Transparent synthetic resin • Phenol resin • Plastic beads • Plastic folders • Plastic fine pellets • Plastic granule • Re abrasive plastic • Plastic product • Polyethylene • Polymerization products• Polypropylene • Polystyrene aggregate products • resin • Rubber • Silicone • Styrene bead • Polystyrene foam • Teflon • Tire&Rubber • Wax • Synthetic Rubber Chemical .

Raw Material Density g/cm3 Mesh Model Method Processing capacity
Plasma Resin 1.7 20-40-50-60-70 ZYY-1200-5S DRY 1100Kg/h
Melamine Resin 0.4 30 /60 ZYD-500-1S DRY 30Kg/h
Eps Resin 0.4 0.35mm 0.8mm 1.0mm 40mesh ZYY-2000-4S DRY 2500kg/h
Urea Resin 0.6 40 ZYD-1000-1S DRY 800Kg/kg
PVC material 1.0 9.0mm ZYD-800-1S DRY 850kg/h
PVC material 1.0 10mm 5mm ZYD-1200-1S DRY 3000kg/h
Pe powder 0.45 48 /100 ZYD-800-1S DRY 100kg/h
Koroseal 0.5 60 ZYD-1000-1S DRY 450kg/h
Urea 2.0 3.55mm-2.0mm ZYY-1535 DRY 160000kg/h

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Lab testing sieve is made for the measure of particles size distribution and the determination of impurity content in solid and liquid,which is extensively used in scientific laboratories and quality inspection departments

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