Garnet sand recycle production line

This production line is for Garnet sand recycling by 20t/h. The end user often buy the Garnet sand (0-0.1mm) as raw materail, and need get the more fine sand powder. The production line flow: Drying-Screening-Packing. The garnet sand with moisture degree 10% will first go to Dryer machinery, After drying, conveying to Screening machinery, due to the large capacity, we design 2 sets screening machinerys. The accurate weighing system will help the uniformly feeding for screening machinery. Conveying the product from the screening machinery to package equipment finally.



We are the professional manufacture for powder machinery for powder handling, especially for screening, conveying, mixing, drying and mixing equipment. We can help you design the whole powder handling production line and supply for customize service.

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    Bread flour screening production line

    The production line is the bread flour sieve 300 kg/h. End customer need to use 60 mesh flour as raw material, to make the nice bread. Production process: drying – delivery – screening Before flour be sieved, the moisture content is about 5%, first drying the flour by the dryer then delivery the flour to […]

  • Potato Production Line from Zhenying Machine

    Potato Production Line

    This production line for potato cleaning and conveying by 6t/h. The end user storage the potato from farm to warehouse, it need to remove the dust from potato and conveying to warehouse. The production line flow: Sieving-Cleaning-Conveying. The potato will be sorted first, then cleaning the dust by sieving machine, and conveying it to second […]

  • ZYCⅡ Ultrasonic Power Source

    7 advantage of ultrasonic system used in Ultrasonic vibrating screen for Fine powder

    ZYCⅡ Ultrasonic Power Source   Technical Parameters: voltage : 220V AC,Current:0.5A Frequency:37±0.5KHz Power:20-100W Temperature:-5℃-65℃ Humidity:0-95% Features: Frequency automatic tracking: After initial installation and debugging, it can work continuously according to the required output frequency. Automatic search frequency: automatic measurement of the operating frequency of the screen frame, so that the ultrasonic power source output frequency […]

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