Plastic vibrating screen Technical Parameters

We adopt new type dynamic generator, making three dimension powers more obviously and successfully, making the scale of processed materials enlarged. Accordingly this makes rotary-vibrating-screen capable of processing various kinds of materials.
plastic vibrating screen mesh size

Functional principle

Its vertical motor, which is installed eccentric hammers on the top and bottom, is regarded as a vibratory source. The eccentric hammers change rotation into horizontal, vertical and inclined movement, and then pass the movement to the sieving surface. Adjusting the phase angle on the top and bottom can change trajectories of the materials on the sieve.


Various kinds of the materials can be screened by the machines including those within 0~400mesh like dry, wet, refined, coarse, heavy and light as well as those within 0~600mesh like liquid and pasty materials.


1. High efficiency, ingenious design, durable and suitable for screening any kinds of the powder and viscous fluid. 2.No jam for the screen net, no powders flying around and no liquid leaking out when running, fully sealed structure and environmentally friendly. 3. Small size and can be moved easily. 4. The screen nets are uniquely designed under 500 mesh, and the net. 5. It only takes 3~5 MINS to replace and clean the net conveniently. 6. Stainless steel parts contacting materials. 7. Easy to operate, impurities and coarse materials can be discharged automatically, continuous operations

Technical Parameter

rotary vibrating screen chart
Model Power(Kw) Sieving Diameter(mm) layer
ZYP-600 0.25 550 1-3
ZYP-800 0.55 750 1-3
ZYP-1000 0.75 950 1-3

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