Horizontal Airflow Screen Technical Parameters


The cylinder screen mesh of this device is placed inside the machine. The materials enter the net tube with airflow mixed and atomized after passing the screw conveying system; some of the materials are sprayed through the net and discharged from the fine stuff portal by the centrifugal force and cyclone propelling power, which are caused by the rotor vane inside the net tube. Other materials which cannot cross the net, are discharged from the rough stuff portal along the net tube wall.
Horizontal airflow screen system


The machine is available in the industries such as metallurgy, mining, pharmacy, food, chemical engineering, metal powder and nonmetal powder etc.


1. The whole machine is in a small size and light so that it is stable in operation, free from vibration and noise, and with its good sealed structure, it is free from dust and performs in high efficiency.
2.The shell of machine is in a new design which makes it easy to install and convenient to control.
3. The machine can operate either in a single unit or multiple units, and it is safe and reliable for a long time operation.
4. The screen-mesh can be cleaned automatically by cyclone.
5.The machine has the function of re-crashing the agglomeration materials.
6. The new type roller bearing can prolong the service life.
7. The machine can work with the pneumatic conveying systems, and materials can be directly sent into the wind path to save resources.
8.New design: The airflow protection system can transfer the purified air to the two ends of the device, which will reduce the temperature created in the operation of the device.
9.It will form the air-isolated layer to avoid the powder entering the bearing so as to prolong the service life of the bearing effectively, reduce the maintenance frequency, and increase work efficiency.
10.The machine can be specially designed to meet special requirements.

Technical Parameter

Horizontal Airflow Screen chart

Model A B C D E F G H I J
ZYQW18-65 1430 460 420 1005 135 230 250 330 340 210
ZYQW25-85 1845 655 766 1240 320 285 300 350 380 290
ZYQW50-130 2230 870 790 1775 280 515 150 660 400 485

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