Urea Industry Technical Parameters


With the growing demand for agriculture, plastics, medicine and other industries. Urea is a kind of excellent chemical material.

Vibrating screen of Zhenying brand is the needs to fine solve in the process of the urea processing industry.

In recent years, the vibrating screen of the Zhenying brand in urea industry screening - classification processing, account for 65% of the market. Most of them use ZYFY Square vibrating screen, under the experience of years, In urea sieve industry, screening precision can reach above 80-90%; Compared with the traditional process, the output increased by more than 100%.

Equipment advantages

1.Large capacity

From years of customer feedback and accumulation, the China domestic urea size mostly is 8mm and 20mm

ZYFY-1535,Capacity 20 T/H

ZYFY-1835,Capacity 30-40 T/H

ZYFY-2040,Capacity 60 T/H

2.High screening precision

In urea industry, fully able to meet customer demand accuracy 80%-90%.

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