Flour industry Technical Parameters

flour industry

Along with the improve of people's life quality requirements, and promote the development of the food industry rapidly. Flour as the base raw materials of food industry, the development prospects are very optimistic.

Instant noodles, bread, biscuits and other products manufacturers claim to the flour processing industry is becoming more and more high. In such a flourishing form, promoting the development of the fine flour sieve divisions.

Vibrating screen of Zhenying brand is the needs to fine solve in the process of the flour processing industry.

Since 2008, the vibrating screen of the Zhenying brand in flour industry screening - classification processing, account for 60% of the market. Most of them use circular vibrating screen, since 2012, under the continuous pursuit of technological innovation, has developed a more suitable for flour sieve machine, Direct discharging screen. In flour sieve divisions, screening precision can reach above 98%; Production was significantly increased by more than 50%.

Industry advantage

1.High screening precision

From experimental data analysis, the same material after using Direct discharging screen, screening precision improved by 5%, meet the requirements of the customer higher screening accuracy.

2.Screening large output

For example, bread flour industry; 60mesh, the original production is 120 kg/h, now use the Direct discharging screen output reached 200 kg/h.

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