Insulators industry Technical Parameters

Insulators industry

Insulator industry widely used in ceramic and slurry, and zhenying machine is committed to filtering slurry and sieving ceramic. The large entrance vibrating screen is good for the insulators industry. We research the new ultrasonic vibrating screen to solve the slurry sieving, and the ultrasonic vibrating screen can achieve the larger capacity 1.5 times than the usual type machine.

Zhenying Screen Vibrating Screen has the following advantages in insulators industry:

1.High precision

Large entrance vibrating screen sieving slurry can be 100 mesh to 400 mesh. Client usually use 80 to 150 mesh.

ZYJ-1000-1S large entrance vibrating screen in 1000 mm diameters

2.Slag discharge well

Large entrance vibrating screen slag discharge well. When the vibrating screen filtering slurry, there will be many slag, and Zhenying vibrating screen has the high frequency to achieve the slag discharge well.

3.Large Capacity

Zhenying large entrance vibrating screen has large capacity feature. 1000 mm diameter vibrating screen sieving slurry can achieve 3 m3 per hour with 300 mesh, 80 mesh to 150 mesh achieve 7 to 8 m3 per hour. And we recommend the new model --ultrasonic vibrating screen, it can reach 1.5 times than the usual machine.

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