Pigment Industry

Technical Parameters

pigment Pigment industry is booming with the development of Chinese economy, so high precision and large capacity sieving machine is needed.Zhenying’s vibrating screen is borned at the very right moment to help pigment manufactuer solving the problems.Since 2008, Zhenying’s vibrating screen have many advantages in pigment industry.

Equipment advantage

  1. High screening precisionFrom experimental data analysis, the same material after using Zhenying linear vibrating screen, screening precision improved, it could meet the requirements of the customer higher screening accuracy.
  2. Large outputFor example, pigment sieving industry;Linear vibrating screen 2mm , 4mm sieving mesh, the output could reach 200 kg/h
  3. Special designWe could add wheels to make the machine move easily.

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Lab testing sieve is made for the measure of particles size distribution and the determination of impurity content in solid and liquid,which is extensively used in scientific laboratories and quality inspection departments

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