We need a screen machine to sieve powder and can you please recommend the best type of machine for this application? Please provide the following information to help us recommend a right unit for you:
  1. Material to be processed?
  2. Using purposes: to grade or to remove dusts?
  3. Granule size of the materials? (Or mesh number).
  4. Moisture content if any?
  5. Granule size proportion if possible to get?
  6. Capacity (tons or kg or litter per hour or day)
  7. Local power supply (voltage and frequency)

About machine


Our R&D ask about the possibility of using SUS 316 for product contact area. Can you do it? Yes, we can. Normally we use SUS304 for product contact area, but SUS 316 and carbon steel are also available, prices are different as material changes.

What is the material of the filter cloth (sieve cloth), cloth fiber or stainless steel material? The material of the filter cloth (sieve cloth) is SUS304.It also can be 316L,Nylon or others as requested.Further more,the sieve cloth was made by the military technology, which can ensure the mesh size up to the international level


We found out the voltage supply is only 220V and our voltage requirement is 440V, could you please offer us those? Yes, we can offer machines with any voltages and frequencies existing on the earth.

Can you send us your professional drawing for this machine? Yes. we can.The special design drawing picture can be made out when it is needed by you to meet your customized requirements.

Spare parts

what are the spare parts that you will supply along with the machine? FOR unit of ZYD,4 springs,1 sealing ring.1 rubber hammer,The following parts are suggested to buy as easy-wearing parts:
  1. Motor: 1 set.
  2. Sealing ring: 30 pieces (20 pics 'U' -shape, 10 pics"V"-shaped).
  3. Rubber ball: 60 Pieces.
  4. PU ring: 15 pieces.
  5. Spring: 5~10 pieces.
  6. Screen mesh: 2-5 sheets for each mesh size.
FOR ZYSZ 1.One pic spring. The following parts are suggested to buy as easy-wearing parts:
  1. Motor: 1 set.
  2. 200 meters long sealing strips.
  3. Screen mesh(as your required).
  4. Spring: 2~4 pieces.
Note:The life for PU ring,spring,screen mesh is usually closed related with the way the worker’s operation.It they are careful,it is not easy to break.but if they operate with too much strength,it may careful operation is needed for reduce c

MOQ(Metaphysics of Quality)

Do you have a minimum order? Not really, for most of the products, we can send even 1 unit to you, very special requirement or parts customized to be discussed. You could ask us for details.


what are the payment way you can accept? 40% deposit and 60% before shipment is the way we usually use.For big order,we accept L/C with good credit banks.

Sample Machine

Do you provide free samples and how can I get them? It depends on the specific item you need, for machines; usually we don't provide free samples as its big value.


Do you give discounts with large quantities? Yes, we have such sales policy. More quantities ordered, more discounts. And it not only depends on your order quantity, but also the item you ordered.


How about the packing of machine, can I use my own logo on packages? Normally we are using fumigation-free plywood case to pack machines. We can mark your own logo on the packages. And also can be neutral packing for your convenience.

As a trader, may i use my own brand on the machine if any? OK. We can send you our machine with our brand.


How long will my order take? Normal delivery is about 7~15 working days. Ending delivery schedule depends on the quantity and items you ordered.

When can you deliver the machine? We can produce it within 15 days from receipt of 40% deposit,for eg, it needs 15 days to the destination-Chennai port,so the total time is about 30~35 days from production to your port.



How to install and configure ZYD series vibrating screen? Very easy, we have served thousands of customers home and abroad,when delivering the machine we just attach a install video.web: or

How about the equipment warranty? The warranty period is for one year for whole machine except the consumable and wearing parts. We are always glad to provide technical supports and solutions for the whole using life.

Does the machine require any foundation bolts? It don't need the foundation bolts.


Do you have any service man or representative? Our firm is rapidly expanding now.But it still needs some time for us to set up service center in different countries.So far,we mainly use the following way for after-sales service:
  1. Firstly: a professional English video about adjustment and operation would be matched with the machine.
  2. Secondly: the sales person can service you good after sales, 24 hours calling and professional engineers can solve the normal sieving problem.
  3. Thirdly:our machine 's warranty is 13 months (from the date from our factory),except the quick-wear part, such as: screen mesh, vibrating motor(13 months' warranty) etc.
  4. Fourthly,for big orders,technician can be dispatched when needed.

What in case of fitting of machine or repairing of the machine? Just like our answer in NO.1.The process of fitting and repairing,you can refer to the video and our usage manual.

We have a trouble for the screening machine we presently use.We find mesh-blocked phenomenon. Can you help us? he cleaning system (including the rubber ball and PU ring) is not good. At first, you should purchase the good quality of cleaning system. You should change all of them once within 3~5 months.With professional design, we can guarantee 95% sieving efficiency and no blocking.


What countries have you exported to? we have exported more than 38 country since 2010. America,Australia,Spain,Greece,France,Austria,Turkey,UAE,Singapore,Vietnam,Srilank,Peru.India,Malaysia,Korea,Indonesia,Malaysia,Ghana,Congo.South Africa, Kenya Finland, Tanzania, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, snow felling grams, the Czech republic, Palestine, Israel, Thailand, myanmar, South Korea, Japan, east timor, Peru, Honduras, New Zealand, Ghana, China Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Pakistan, bahrain, Sri Lanka, the UK, Lebanon, Oman, Bangladesh, Sudan, Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Poland, Guatemala, Mauritius, Fiji, Bulgaria etc .

Exporting countries

Vibrating screen Performance

What is the difference between ZYD AND ZYSZ?
  1. For some materials the two machines can be substitute.but for some materials like sand and mining materials,usually zysz is recommended for it can be made to larger capacity.
  2. ZYSZ can sieve materials less than 10mm.But ZYD is usually for thinner materials. Note:we have abundant industrial experience,we can choose the model for you when you have no idea.
What is the difference between.ZYG high frequency vibrating screen and ZYD vibrating screen?
  1. ZYD can sieve solid powder and fluid like fruit juice.It has larger application range.It has frequency 1400RPM.
  2. ZYG is usually for fluid with bigger viscosity like slurry. It has high frequency 2800RPM.


What's the wearing parts of the motor? The wearing part is bearing.We use American UBC Bearing free of oil-injection featuring long span life.

Is the coil will bad ? The rotor and stater will not bad.

How to solve the problem of the motor's angle ? According to the features of the materials,adjust the angle of upper and the lower heavy hammer: 15¡ã-90?¡ã.The bigger the angle is,the more the materials converge towards the center;the smaller the angle is,the faster the materials disperse outwards.


we would like to know if your unit can be dismantled from two (2) decks to one (1) deck if wanted to operate one screen only considering that the operation of your unit is still the same. Yes our unit can be dismounted from 2 decks to one deck as you require, sure, our unit will keep the same operation.

For the vibrating screen,2 layer can become 1 layer,is that possible ? Yes,of course,you need to get rid of the middle screen frame.For the same reason,it can become multi-layer from single layer.

Does your machine have any unclocking mechanism Not any. We have good sealing system and professional design for our machine. We can show you as our video and drawing.

From the video(rotary vibrating screen),there is filter (sieve cloth) cloth, and the worker use a scissor to cut it.When we cut?the stainless steel cloth, there should have tails at the end of the stainless cloth (wire) and the?small stainless steel wire?will be dropping off,.It may cause contamination.Can we have pre-cut the cloth and seal the edge with some?resin to prevent the edge stainless steel wire dropping off.? Yes, we can. We should use the food glue. About the sealing, firstly, the?screen mesh is fixed by special fixation tools?around the screen net. Then the sealing ring --"U "shape can be?trapped around the screen net.At last, put the screen?net with mesh on the machine, press the screen frame on the screen net, lock the clamp, It¡¯s ok .

What's the influence of the base's screw ? It will be helpful for the adjustment of the motor's angle.The distance between the screws are equal.

Special design


Also, we need the?equipment?to be mobile, moving from one room to another room. Can you do it? Yes. we can. Add wheels to the bottom.

Dust removal

Can you provide a hood on the top cover to enable us to connect a blower to suck out the dust? Please refer to the drawing as my required? The inlet¡¯s diameter is 3 inch, a height of about 5.5 feet. Yes, we can.A hole beside the inlet can be left for you to install a blower for the solving of environment protection.

Outlet spouts

Could the outlet spouts be arranged so that they can be collected in 50 Kg bags at the side of the machine and could there be a valve provided so that we can close the valve to remove the filled bag and place a fresh one without the powder spilling on the floor. About your problem,a rubber flexible connection can be devices into the outlet.Valve can be installed on the inside of the outlet.This is quite usual design from our customer.

Inlet design

Could you design a hopper on the inlet? Yes,we can.we have clients needing laosong style rectangular hopper.we ever designed it.


For ZYSZ ,The distance of 40mm is too small ¡­minimum distance should be 100mm. the distance of the two net rack can be designed to 100 mm.At the same time ,the cost of machine will be arsed.As you know,the difference of 60mm means the around plank of screen frame will be increased.