• Patent product Multifrequency fine sieve machine / Ultrasonic fine sieve machine
  • New product Plastic screening machine
  • Technology and Research Our company is the provincial high-tech Technology Research Center.
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Vibrating screen machine is not a standard industry machinery. We often need design the proper machinery according to end user’s plant. Company with strong technical strength and excellent service quality.

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  • Professional leading engineers;
  • Engineer can go to your working site for measurement, or installation the machinery;
  • Professional video by English which can help you assemble the unit machine;
  • Provide professional solutions;
  • 24 hours sales service.
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57 sets unit sample machines in factory for testing as you required.Once filled out our test machine data request, we will give the test machine arranged within 3 working days, given the results of the test machine within seven working days.

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CE Certificate

CE full name is Certificate of Compliance, it is considered the “passport” to open and enter the European Market. In the eu market, CE is a kind of security authentication marks.

Our vibrating screen already have 8 years CE certificate, so it is safe to enter eu market.


ISO Certificate

Our products all passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate. It issued by China quality certification center.


BV Certificate

This certificate was produced by Alibaba.com and has been verified by Bureau Veritas To prove the products of manufacturing and testing facilities, inspection and testing, associated and relevant qualifications in compliance with Bureau Veritas Rules.


Belt conveyor Certificate

Our belt conveyor with CE certificate, it mainly including the models of TD 75, DY, DT II and DJ series belt conveyor. And our CE certificate of belt conveyor with ISET mark. Note: ISET institutions was designated an official state of the European Union CE certificate issued by institutions.


Air belt conveyor Certificate

The certificate applicable model is QD series. The conveyor is a new type of continuous conveyor equipment and mainly used in food, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, light industry, harbor and building materials industries, etc. If you want to know more information please contact with us.


Patent Certificate

Our patent have 36 utility model patents and 13 invention patents. The most one of important & authoritative is external ultrasonic vibrating screen,Solve high adsorption,high static,easy clustering,high precision and light proportion etc problem. We are the only one company with such external ultrasonic vibrating screen patent in Xinxiang city.

  • Do you have any service man or representative?
    A: Our firm is rapidly expanding now.But it still needs some time for us to set up service center in different countries.So far,we mainly use the following way for after-sales service:firstly a professional English video about adjustment and operation would be matched with the machine. Secondly: the sales person can service you good after sales, 24 hours calling and professional engineers can solve the normal sieving problem.Thirdly:our machine 's warranty is 13 months (from the date from our factory),except the quick-wear part, such as: screen mesh, vibrating motor(13 months' warranty) etc.Thirdly,for big orders,technician can be dispatched when needed
  • What are the spare parts that you will supply along with the machine?
    The following parts are suggested to buy as easy-wearing parts:
    Motor: 1 set
    Sealing ring: 30 pieces (20 pics ‘U’ -shape, 10 pics”V”-shaped).
    Rubber ball: 60 Pieces
    PU ring: 15 pieces
    Spring: 5~10 pieces
    Screen mesh: 2-5 sheets for each mesh size
    (2)FOR ZYSZ 1.One pic spring .
    The following parts are suggested to buy as easy-wearing parts:
    1. Motor: 1 set
    2.200 meters long sealing strips.
    3. Screen mesh(as your required)
    4. Spring: 2~4 pieces
    Note:The life for PU ring,spring,screen mesh is usually closed related with the way the worker’s operation.It they are careful,it is not easy to break.but if they operate with too much strength,it may break.so careful operation is needed for reduce c
  • We have a trouble for the screening machine we presently use.We find mesh-blocked phenomenon. Can you help us?
    A: 1.The cleaning system (including the rubber ball and PU ring) is not good.
    At first, you should purchase the good quality of cleaning system. You should change all of them once within 3~5 months.With professional design, we can guarantee 95% sieving efficiency and no blocking.
  • For the vibrating screen,2 layer can become 1 layer,is that possible ?
    A.Yes,of course,you need to get rid of the middle screen frame.For the same reason,it can become multi-layer from single layer.
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