• aluminum powder

    Aluminum powder production line

    Recently years, with the rapid development of science and technology, the requirement of metal powder also grow with each passing day. So the aluminum powder as the main factor in the metal powder will play an irreplaceable role. Most people want to increase the aluminum powder capacity in the product processing. Our Zhenying screening machine […]

  • Water Processing

    Water Processing

    Nowadays, environmental protection becoming a very important process in industrial production. As the key link to environmental friendly manufacture, waste water filtration equipment is necessary. Remove solid impurities in waste water is the first and basic filtration to whole waste process.   Industry advantage 1.Zhenying Machinery hammered at wastewater processing since 2008. We provided many […]

  • pigment

    Pigment Industry

    Pigment industry is booming with the development of Chinese economy, so high precision and large capacity sieving machine is needed. Zhenying’s vibrating screen is borned at the very right moment to help pigment manufactuer solving the problems. Since 2008, Zhenying’s vibrating screen have many advantages in pigment industry. Equipment advantage 1.High screening precision From experimental […]

  • iron powders

    Iron powders

    Those Days, following high speed development of science and technology, the requirement of metal powder also grow with each passing day. So the iron powder as the main factor in the metal powder will play an irreplaceable role. Most people want to increase the iron powder capacity in the product processing. Our screening machine will […]

  • urea

    Urea Industry

    With the growing demand for agriculture, plastics, medicine and other industries. Urea is a kind of excellent chemical material. Vibrating screen of Zhenying brand is the needs to fine solve in the process of the urea processing industry. In recent years, the vibrating screen of the Zhenying brand in urea industry screening – classification processing, […]

  • plastic

    Plastic industy PVC

    Zhenying vibrating screens are widely used in the production of polyethylene and polypropylene. For some downstream equipment like extrudes and cutter-bar,rotary or linear vibrating sieve are used for removing strip, filaments and ribbon from plastic granule. These plastic particles are used for the making of a variety of plastic products,from water bottle to computer box. […]

  • flour industry

    Flour industry

    Along with the improve of people’s life quality requirements, and promote the development of the food industry rapidly. Flour as the base raw materials of food industry, the development prospects are very optimistic. Instant noodles, bread, biscuits and other products manufacturers claim to the flour processing industry is becoming more and more high. In such […]


    Pharmaceutical industry

    The pharmaceutical industry is the most important customer source of our latest series sieve extension. Our circular vibrating screen and airstreams sieve are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. In screening pills and capsule powder process, pharmaceutical manufacturers often encounter screen congestion and dust control problems. For sealing requirements, Zhenying can make more secure handling […]

  • Milk powder industry

    Milk powder industry

    Instant noodle manufacturers, rice cereal manufacturer, meat and other food manufacturers and other processors can improve product quality by using Zhenying screening machine to save money and improve efficiency. High quality fruit juice need to contain a certain proportion of flesh.Zhenying screening machine will not damage the fruit pulp no matter what kind of fruit […]

  • Milk powder industry

    Insulators industry

    Insulator industry widely used in ceramic and slurry, and zhenying machine is committed to filtering slurry and sieving ceramic. The large entrance vibrating screen is good for the insulators industry. We research the new ultrasonic vibrating screen to solve the slurry sieving, and the ultrasonic vibrating screen can achieve the larger capacity 1.5 times than […]

  • Ceramic Industry

    Ceramic industry

    With the development and progress of the times, ceramic aspects of the increasingly wide range of applications, especially in the sanitary and tableware with ceramic commodity ceramic. ZhenYing vibrating screen provide a lot of space in the ceramic slurry . Slurry sieve screening machine is designed for special screening materials on the basis of increased […]

  • lithium battery

    Lithium battery

    With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the demand of power battery also appears a rapid growth .As the key raw materials and under the background of high growth and continuous development of new energy vehicles, the high prospects of development of lithium electronic material industry is expected to continue.Inside the anode of the […]

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