Aluminum powder production line Technical Parameters

aluminum powder

Recently years, with the rapid development of science and technology, the requirement of metal powder also grow with each passing day. So the aluminum powder as the main factor in the metal powder will play an irreplaceable role. Most people want to increase the aluminum powder capacity in the product processing. Our Zhenying screening machine will help you to arrived the request.

Industry advantage

1.large screening capacity

Taking the aluminum powder in the metal powder as an example,the density of aluminum powder is 0.9-1.2, use 150microns/100mesh sieving, the previous capacity is 800kg per hour. Now using our tumbler vibrating screen with ultrasonic system and the capacity can arrived the 1000-1200kg per hour. Thus greatly improving the work efficiency.

2.ultrasonic system

In the sieving processing, we recommend clients add the ultrasonic system, on the one hand, the ultrasonic system have a great effect for cleaning the mesh, and on the other hand, it was improving the aluminum powder screening accuracy.

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