Filter sieve machine

Technical Parameters


Filter sieve machine are designed for you to easily observe materials processing with bigger materials inputs, the principle same as Rotary Vibrating Screen.


  1. Round design, no dust pollution, no leaking liquid.
  2. Structure is suitable for small volume and light heavy, easy to be installed and maintained.
  3. Rapidly clear up each material and grain inside the slurry, the solid matter can automatically discharge.
  4. Adjustable outlet, facilitate to replace the screen.


The application same as Rotary Vibrating Screen, it is especially suitable for the filtration of slurry, glaze and pigment in ceramic industry.

filter seive machine picture application

Technical Parameter

Model Power(Kw) Sieving Diameter (mm) Dimension L×W×H (mm) layer
ZYJ-400-1S 0.18 320 580×580×660 1
ZYJ-600-1S 0.55 550 800×800×780 1
ZYJ-800-1S 0.75 750 900×900×930 1
ZYJ-1000-1S 1.5 950 1160×1160×1030 1
ZYJ-1200-1S 1.75 1150 1360×1360×1160 1
ZYJ-1500-1S 2.2 1450 1850×1850×1330 1
ZYJ-1800-1S 2.2 1750 2200×2200×1460 1

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Lab testing sieve is made for the measure of particles size distribution and the determination of impurity content in solid and liquid,which is extensively used in scientific laboratories and quality inspection departments

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