Lower noise screen filter Technical Parameters


Filter is a kind of small size machine, which is designed with the features of convenient to move, high efficiency, and low noise, small size, suitable for any granule, powder, and mucilage. For example, total 1200 liters 1.1 ratios spray-paint can be filtered by the machine when using 325 Mesh screen net; The processing quantities of flour can reach 700 kg when the screen net of 30M being used,. It is also well-qualified for filtering of ceramic glaze.
Lower noise screen filter packing


Can be widely used in geological, chemical, cement, medicine, research and production laboratories and other departments of scientific research and production test.


1.High efficiency, smart design, fit for any kind of powders and serosity.
2.Easy net replacement which only costs 3-5 minutes to finish, easy operating and cleaning.
3. No-block sieving mesh, no powder flying, and the minimum sieving size is 500M or 0.028mm.
4. Impurity and bigger particles can be automatically discharged.
5. Working constantly.
6. Specially designed net frame and long service life for sieving nets.
7. Small volume and easy to be moved.

Technical Parameter

Mode Power (KW) Sieving Dimension L×W×H(mm) Screen net measure
(diameter height)
Weight (kg) Description
ZY450SA 0.18 500×500×600 VB450 series sieve uses
new type stainless steel net
40 Average SS41 for base material
ZY450SN 0.18 500×500×1000 VB450 series sieve use
new type stainless steel net
48 Average SS41 for base material

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