• Feeding design

    Special design —the feeding inlet and discharge outlet vibrating screen machine

    Under contraction with our end user, they often need special design for they required machine by our engineer, today we will discuss about the feeding inlet and discharge outlet of vibrating screen machine as following: Before this part, Kindly notify every end user can supply the whole product


  • Rotary drum screen

    Sieving machine that can sieve waste wood as fuel

    Rotary drum screen can be used as sieving machine that can sieve waste wood. This machine 's oscillating movement is rolling up and down, we are sure the wood will not broken in the sieve. If we consider of tumbler or rotary type screener, the oscillating movement is also in the plane, so it is


  • alumina powder vibrating screen

    New technology in 800kg/h alumina powder vibrating screen machine

    As you know, we have the specially advance of ultrasonic vibrating screen.And now we have developed the new model on the base of ultraosnice siever machine. The new type of sieving machine was studyed by our engineer in 2016. The main function is new technology of cleaning sieve mesh type---Air vib


  • obervation window

    Inspection port of vibrating screen machine

    5.In operating of vibrating screen, it often need inspection of material stock etc. So we often add the inspection port on the machine. There are 2 questions as following: 6.How many inspection ports can be add? This is mainly according to the end user’s requirement. Also the size of vibrating scr


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