Xinxiang Zhenying Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the professional machinery manufacturers which specialises in the production of sieving equipments, conveying equipments, crushing equipments and feeding equipments as well as relevant parts.The company has developed quickly and has been in cooperation with some domestic and international famous suppliers. Since establishment, the company has been developing very fast. The reasons for the fast growth are due to the cooperative spirits of Zhenying people and our belief in the power of technology and innovation. Zhenying has ten engineers with good educational background, working employees about one hundred, sales force of 50 and 20 after sales employees undertaking internal and eternal business. Our products have won not only good reputation in china but also applauses by foreign clients like Vietnam,Burma,Korean, Indonesian, Turkey and European countries so on. So far we have achieved a lot of credits and authentifications. They are as follows: ISO 9001-2008, CE Certificate, AAA Credit Company and many times governmental credits.
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    Systematic And Efficient Production Technology

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    Professional & Efficient Transport Team

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    Transport to Specified Port and Ship on Time

Provide Installation files, Technical Data, Videos, Drawing Etc. Have a professional team of engineers,engineers available to service machinery overseas.
After-Sale Services
Guarantee the machine could meet production technical standard & performance requirements indicated in the contract. If not, can return the machine to us.
  • Warranty: 24 months for the machine (not including the wearing parts-mesh) after delivery. Motor within 1 year if damage under proper operation after delivery.
  • Rich spare parts and Professional maintenance team.
  • Can complaint us through a third party-Alibaba Trade Assurance.
  • Can contact to us at any time, we have a professional after-sale service team.
  • Professional technical support team to communicate in time.


Jack has over twenty years of success as a high-technology entrepreneur. He coinvented important and enabling patented technologies in vibrating screen that are licensed throughout the world. Jack managed a portfolio of high technology vibrating screen businesses and led the operations of analytical and research laboratories.

Working in vibrating industry more than 20 years, Mr Su has been honored of many titles by the government and social unity. For now Mr Su has been applied more than 20 patents. Always take the point the of the clients demand and overcome one and another difficult.


  • How About the Size, Technology, Qualification, Product of Company?

    Address Our office located at High-tech Industrial Park,the south of the xinfei road, Xinxiang City.Factory located in the eastern part of the industrial park’s center , xiaodian Industrial Park, xinxiang city.

    Company Size Office area of 800 square meters. Office staff have 50 .Factory occupies 4,000 square meters. , There are 50 workers.

    Founded In October 2008

    Registered capital $1700,000.00

    Experience Technology and management in the vibration equipment industry ,we have 24 years of experience in vibrating screen industry from 1990.

    Technical strength There are 6 persons engaged in the research and development of l vibration equipment , senior engineers and technicians and high-quality technical workers. There are 3 kinds vibration equipment got patents. (High frequency pneumatic sieve,square vibrating screen, energy saving mining sieve) There are 2 kinds vibrating mechanical parts got patents . (Environmental protection equipment, anti-static device)There are 3 kinds vibration machine tooling equipment got patents ( large motor assembly systems, Rolling machine equipment, polishing equipment.

    Certification BV and CE certification / We have the right of import and export in foreign trade.

    Honor 2012 annual the north of Henan’s Ten Network / Excellent equipment manufacturing unit

    Production Screening Series: vibrating screen, tumbler vibrating screen , Intermediate frequency sieve, linear vibrating sieve, mining screen, conveyors, airflow sieve and so on ,seven series, There are more than 130 varieties.Conveyor series: belt conveyor、screw conveyor、vertical vibration hoist、bucket elevator、vibrating feeder. Feeder series:vibrating feeder、magnetic feeder、disc feeder.

  • How About Our Company's Marketing Distribution, and the Share of Foreign Trade Market?

    Annual output Sales: 2013 annual sales of 30 million, of which the domestic market accounted for 50%, 12 million, foreign markets accounted for 60%, 18 million. Sales of the machine: 3200 annual sales, which accounted for 75% vibrating screen 、vibrating screen is 200 per month.

    Market share Southeast Asia: Indonesia, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, East Timor. 40%. Oceania: United States, Canada, Australia, 30%. Europe: Czech Republic, Snow Fuck, Hungary, Georgia, Greece, Spain, Poland, Russia, Ukraine. 10%. Middle East: Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates. 10%. Africa: Congo, Kenya, Ghana 0.5%. Americas: Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, South Africa. 5%.

  • How About the Management of Our Company?

    1. ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System

    2. Self software program

    3. Customer Management System: Fortis world trade management software

  • How About the Production Program of Our Company's? (Mainly ,Take the Vibrating Screen for a Example)

    Stainless steel spare parts processing flow: Raw material — cutting — check — amend — bend — weld — smoothing — polishing — calibrating — test — -assemble.

    Carbon steel spare parts processing flow: Raw material — cutting — check — amend — bend — weld — calibrating — punching-smoothing — check — -galvanize — painting — assemble.

    Assemble: Base — vibration body — lower screen frame — net rack--upper screen frame — package — stock.

  • How About Production Facilities of Our Company's Kinds?

    Product name About: brand、model、the time of buying

    Polishing machine Zhulian from Guangzhou SL-606-6M-GZ 2008

    Rolling machine Shengtai from Anhui W11B 2008

    Bending machine Jin guan JInan WC67Y-300T4000 2010

    Cutting machine Pacific Ocean from Nantong WC67Y 2008

    Single-beam crane Ding li gao ke from Jiangyin 002 2008

    Welding machine Jing ya from zhenjiang PM1010Q 2008

    CNC cutting machine Tong yong from Shanghai CNC gantry type laser cutting machine 2008

    Rocker drilling Rong wo from Shanghai Z3050*16 2010

    Flanging machine Xinyi Jingjiang city FY3-1400 flange 2008

    Argon welding Zhenzhou yuntong welding and cutting tools co.,led NBC-250/315 2008

    sandblasting machine Xiong niu di machine Wuhan XN-70PH 2008

    Teflon spray oven Tongyong of Zhengzhou TF-53 2010

  • The Program After Your Company Make an Order.

    1. Deposit received, the clerk must inform the customer phone.

    2. Send the production coordination Single, inform customers on schedule and according to quality.

    3. Send the supply information, inform the customer feedback if we can provide the supply department.

    4. Incoming inspection, take pictures to our customers.

    5. Production schedule of 40% to 50%, take pictures to our customers.

    6. 70% of the production schedule, pictures to the customer.

    7. 90% of the production schedule, pictures to the customer.

    8. 100% of the production schedule, shoot a video for the customer to see the functioning of the machine.

    9. Packing, inside packaging + outside photos.(1).The worker digs into the inside of the packing, close the lid, take a dark picture, representing no gap (because the original had opened a small hole in the sea cargo was soaked, a great loss)(2).Take a T-shaped wooden box above to do a scratch test — This indicates that no nails, so as not to let the locals unloading ,customers will have medical expenses.

    10. Goods sent to the port, loaded lock box, container number, etc. photograph to the customer.

    11. After the goods sent, call the customer to inform within 24hours.And to give some information about the shipping.

    12. Three days before arrival, notify customers make delivery preparation.

  • How About Our Company's Quality Control Procedures?

    Incoming inspection Raw materials 、spare parts and purchased parts into the plant on the area to be inspected by the warehouse operator to add a identification card, notify the Purchasing Department QC press the "monitoring and measurement control program" for testing. Items, the inspector issued after passing inspection compliance report by the purchasing department to handle storage procedures, materials warehouse to add a card for identification. Unqualified goods, inspectors issued unqualified report from the Purchasing Department for return procedures, unfinished warehouse before return failed to add a logo.

    Product Inspection The principle of the test is divided into self-test and other. Self-test procedure is that every person has the responsibility of producing the product of a self-test, when a part of the product to the next, the receiving party's production staff to carry out his inspection, he seized also include QC checks. The production process to be seized products, production personnel should be placed in quarantine areas, plus hang identification card to be tested. After the production process, parts inspection and test qualified inspectors in accordance with the provisions on the "process card" stamped test chapter. After the production process, product testing and the test failed, the inspector should be based on product quality situation. OK rework, rework or scrap, and to add a defective identification card. After the final inspection of the finished product, or parts of QC tests should be stamped on the chapter "machine inspection report" before processing storage.

  • How Much Is the Product Warranty? During the Warranty Period and Outside, There Is a Problem When the Product, Our Company Is How to Deal With?

    Warranty: 1 year machine. Wearing parts are not included. (Screening consumables: mesh, ring, cleaning systems which working conditions are generally advise clients with some more.Motor is 6 months.
    During the warranty period:

    The first step: receiving customer complaints or problems within one working day, we must respond, and communicate with customers problems require customers to provide photos or video.

    Step two: to provide practical solutions within three working days.

    The third step: To send engineers, 15 working days to reach the job site.

    Principles: customer-centric service principles.

  • How About the Examine Our Company’s the Supplier?

    Supplier Perspective 1. has a good management system, good corporate reputation manufacturers. 2. a (technical) experienced with production equipment, quality assurance capabilities of the manufacturers. 3. Purchasing reflect the market, peer experience, field survey to determine the scope of the supply-side. 4. within a certain range of suppliers, purchasing department production department, technology department, QC, to analyze the quality of the supply-side capacity, compared to evaluate their ability to meet contractual requirements, determine the production of "qualified for the list" 5. Purchasing suppliers annually assessed at least once, according to "qualified for the list" of suppliers,given assessment knot .Theory, and so as to continue to supply qualified for the basis. 6. qualified for the decline in the quality of supply, failure occurs when the purchasing department responsible for the return batch of supplies, and require the supplier to make corrections, such as expiration without corrections, should cancel their supplier qualification and from "qualified Lieutenant supplier list "to remove it. 7. In the production process, there are serious quality problems, QC fill in the "quality of feedback alone," competent deputy.

    Shopping-owned test 1. QC at short notice, should immediately press for the procurement of materials, "the Association of standard test" or other appropriate material to the standards, and fill out the "incoming inspection, test reports," according to the test cases, test that qualified to handle storage procedures. 2. procurement of goods by the Purchasing Department failed in two days for return procedures. 3. When a company needs to make purchases at the supplier product validation, coordinated by the QC department arrange technical staff, in conjunction with the Purchasing Department prior agreement with the supplier on QC verification arrangements and method validation results make a record provisions. 4. contract when the customer needs to supply-side validation, the Purchasing Department is responsible for arranging, but not a substitute for the company to verify the customer's purchase verification, it does not absolve the company's responsibility to provide qualified products and the subsequent rejection of customers.

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