How to adjust of vibration amplitude of circular vibro screen?


The operating of Circular vibro screen machine is still in the vibration, so we should make sue the quality of vibrating screen machine is good , and also take care of the vibration amplitude.Normally it is 3~5 mm.

In fact, the amplitude of every vibro screen is different, that;s why we cant make the amplitude is fixed data.

Attached the following amplitude scale of circular vibro screen.

linear vibro screen measurement card

Stick it on the screen frame, open the vibro screen machine,observe the round mark on the card, if you will see the round which will be tangential, congratulations! You have found the right round that this machine’s data. The below data is what you want.

If the showed data is not proper for your real requirement, you can decide to adjust the exciting force which can change the amplitude.Later we will share you how to adjust the exciting force.

linear vibro screen