Analysis of the running condition of the vibrating screen


  First, the number of mesh screens selected is unreasonable.

  The second point is to check if the steering of the motor is correct. First remove the vibrator shroud and check that the eccentric block rotations of both motors are rotating outward. Secondly, if the steering is wrong, please replace any two phase lines in the power supply box of the electric control box. The wrong way one (two motors rotate inward), although it can also remove the cuttings outward, but the speed is slow; the wrong way two (two motors rotate in the same direction), the vibration force is very small, basically no sand and no mud .

  Third, check the amplitude of the shaker. The larger the vibration amplitude, the larger the processing capacity is. The vibration force is adjusted to 90% at the factory. If there is a running condition, the inner and outer eccentric block angles can be aligned, and the vibration force is 100%.

  Fourth, check whether the flow distribution is reasonable on the screen frame. The vibrating screen of the hook-and-side screen structure has a lower screen surface than the middle, and the mud easily flows to both sides and runs away, and the mud should be ensured to enter the screen frame from the middle. At this point, two options are available. First, adjust the front spring seat to properly raise the angle of the front part of the screen box. Second, adjust the position of the inversion plate of the extension groove to control the flow distribution.