Application of drum screen in domestic waste treatment


  The drum screen can be used not only in mining, coke, coal, electric power, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc., but also in the treatment of domestic garbage.

  For example, after the pretreatment system—sorting and pre-crushing, the residue of the residue of the kitchen waste, the organic matter of the fiber plastic cloth, and the recyclable materials such as metal and glass can be separated by the trommel.

  After the sludge residue mixture is fermented, the agricultural fine compost and residual organic matter are separated by a drum sieving machine. The residual organic matter sieved by the drum enters the nitrogen protection microwave pyrolysis system together with the fiber plastic cloth organic matter sorted by the pretreatment system, and the waste can be pyrolyzed to separate the combustible gas, the liquid residue and the activated carbon.

  By sorting and processing the wastes step by step to obtain the raw materials of different components, and carrying out reasonable and advanced treatment - microwave pyrolysis process, all of them are converted into products with higher added value, which can improve the resource recycling rate and improve The purpose of economic efficiency. Therefore, it is suitable for: national conditions, mature technology, simple process, simple operation, high resource recycling rate, and complete “resourceization” of garbage; at the same time, it is completely “harmless”.