Application of iron remover in cashew nuts


1.The drawer iron remover is a magnetic grille placed in a stainless steel outer box according to the requirements of use, and the combined iron remover

2.In addition, in order to facilitate the cleaning operation, there is a convenient cleaning design. The principle is the same as the convenient cleaning of the magnetic grid design. When cleaning, the magnetic grille is taken out from the outer box, the fixing screws are opened, the magnetic core is removed, and the ferromagnetic impurities on the surface of the sleeve are removed. Due to the loss of gravity by itself, the impurities remaining on the surface of the sleeve can be wiped off with a rag or washed with water.

3. The parameters to be provided when ordering:

1. Inlet and outlet form and size
2, pipeline pressure
3, working temperature
4, installation height limit
5, magnetic field strength
6, material characteristics, material name, granularity, fluidity, etc.
7, the number of magnetic grid layers
8, special design

Accept private orders according to specific needs .