How to choose the suitable vibrating screen


  There are many factors to consider when purchasing the vibrating screen. Some customers may not know more about how to purchase the vibrating screen. In order to make everyone to purchase a suitable vibrating screen, today we will introduce some factors that need to be considered when purchasing the vibrating screen.


  1.Your screening need fine screening or coarse screening.If it is fine screening, you need to purchase vibrating screen such as vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen, air flow screen, etc. If it is coarse screening, use linear vibrating screen, mining vibrating screen and straight screen.

  2.According to the properties of the material to be screened. These properties include: density, shape, temperature, viscosity, particle size, activity, particle size distribution, and corrosion.

  3.The requirements of screening capacity.According to your requirements, choose the suitable vibrating screen type.our engineer can recommend for you.

  4.Different working environment play a reference role in selecting the model.