Common sense of use of explosion-proof motors


  First. Under what circumstances should the customer use an explosion-proof motor?

  1. The sifted material is flammable and explosive gas or solid matter. At this time, it is only necessary to judge whether to use the explosion-proof motor according to the characteristics of the sieving material.

  2. The place where the material is screened has inflammable and explosive gas or solid matter. At this time, it is the hard standard of the screening place: for example, petroleum and petrochemical, coal mine, medicine, military enterprise, etc.

  Second, what industries and places must use explosion-proof motors?

  1. Petroleum and petrochemical company - reason: There are flammable and explosive gases in the site, so the motor must be an explosion-proof motor regardless of the characteristics of the material being sieved.

  2, coal mines, deep wells - reasons: the location is easy to have gas, so the motor must be an explosion-proof motor with coal safety logo. This condition is also a hard standard, because it is difficult to determine the responsible person when a gas explosion occurs in a coal mine.

  3. Pharmaceutical industry – Strictly speaking, the pharmaceutical industry also needs to use gas explosion-proof motors because there are alcohol gases on the spot in the pharmaceutical industry.

  4, the production of aluminum silver paste, paint companies - because the medium for screening aluminum silver paste and ground aluminum powder is 200 # solvent oil or turpentine, oil is also a flammable and explosive material. Explosion-proof motors shall be used according to national standards.

  5. Military enterprises, especially the production of explosive powders, also require explosion-proof motors.

  6, fireworks and firecrackers production enterprises.