Current status of the vibrating screen industry


  Based on the three different motion trajectories of vibrating screens and different screening methods for the special requirements of various industries in the national economy, various forms of vibrating screening equipment have been formed, which are also widely used.

  In the metallurgical industry sector: the concentrating plant generally uses a vibrating screen to pre-screen and check the ore, and uses a vibrating screen to classify the mill's products to improve the concentrate grade.

  In the coal industry sector: the use of vibrating screens for the dewatering of clean and end coals, and the classification of wet fine coals with a water content of 7% to 14% below 6 mm using high-frequency fine screening to solve the problem of dewatering.

  In the water conservancy and electric power sector: the pre-screening of coal by thermal power plants is realized by high-frequency vibrating screen. In the construction work of hydropower stations, vibrating screens are required to classify sand and gravel.

  In the transportation sector: screening of clearing and primary mud for railway gravel, screening of asphalt concrete, and playing an important role in the construction of high-speed roads.

  In the chemical sector: for the screening of chemical raw materials and products, the classification of chemical fertilizers and compound fertilizers are inseparable from the vibrating screen, for the waste treatment of environmental protection departments and coal water slurry.

  In power plant applications: vibrating screens have become critical screening equipment.