What are the daily maintenance work of the vibrating screen?


  1. Maintenance of the vibrating screen;

  (1) When the vibrating screen is in operation, its vibrating part shall not be connected or contact with any object outside the machine;

  (2) When feeding, it should be fed in the width direction of the whole screen of the feeding port to ensure the uniform distribution of materials on the screen surface. When the material falls, there shall be no large impact to avoid damage to the screen;

  (3) Before opening or stopping, there shall be no material remaining on the screen surface;

  (4) If there is abnormal noise during the operation of the equipment, it should be shut down immediately and checked before being removed.

  (5) Maintenance of the vibration motor should be checked frequently.

  2. Daily maintenance of vibrating screen:

  (1) Before starting: Check the screen for damage; whether each group of rings is locked.

  (2) At start up: pay attention to the presence or absence of abnormal noise; whether the current is stable; whether the vibration is abnormal.

  (3) After use: The vibrating screen should be cleaned up immediately after each use.