How to deal with the uneven discharge material of upper outlet?


  One: Check if the net rack is fixed. If the net rack is not fixed, it will often cause the vibrating screen baby to shake when the material is sieved, resulting in uneven discharge.

  Second: Check if the screen installation is installed as required. The so-called screen regulation means that when the screen mesh is installed, the screen should be tightened when the mesh edge is buckled, and it must not be rude. The screen should be cut along the edge of the screen frame. Do not leave too much edge, which will affect the subsequent screening effect.

  Three: Check if the motor is turning correctly. Under normal circumstances, the motor is turned on at the sieve machine and it has already been set! During the actual installation process, technicians will follow the on-site installation and teach the basic troubleshooting of the vibrating screen.

  Four: Observe whether the material delivery is in accordance with technical requirements.