How to debugging the exciting force of linear vibro screen?


Linear type screener is mainly used the horizontal type of vibration motor.

There are 2 sets of motors in unit machine. Often install together like the following picture showing.

linear vibrating screen picture

Mainly according to adjust the relative angle of Up and lower eccentric block.

Details can be refer to the following debugging step:

For the ideal angle is 30~45°,so the standard angel of every circular vibro screen which will delivery to our clients is 45°.

So it is better you told us necessary info. of how to confirm the viro screen machine (you can refer our to the article title---how to confirm the prefer the model of vibro screen), then we can decide what is the angle of up and lower block is proper for your side.

Our goal is let every viro screen can be customized design! Also let our every client find the feeling of “Act according to actual circumstances”.

linear vibro screen picture

Note: when adjust two side counter weight of motor, it should do in the same time, the angle in the same direction,and same angle degree.