What is the difference between the external ultrasonic vibrating screen and the built-in type?


  The difference :

  1. Different cleaning methods: Since the installation position of the internal displacer is in the middle of the grid, it is necessary to remove the screen frame after cleaning, and then lift the grid to clean it. The external displacer is relatively easy to disassemble and clean because of its installation position at the edge of the grid;

  2. Different installation forms: The internal displacer is directly fixed in the middle of the grid. The outer displacer is mounted on the outside of the screen frame, and its extension is at the edge of the grid;

  3. Applicable materials: Due to the problem of the installation position of the internal displacer, it will be in contact with the material during use. However, for some conductive and corrosive materials, contact with the transducer will reduce its service life and affect the output. Frequency thus reduces accuracy and yield. Since the external displacer is installed outside the sieve machine, it does not directly contact the material, so that the transducer can be effectively protected to improve the service life, screening accuracy and output;