Factors affecting the service life of the vibrating screen


  1.Steel Plate of material of vibrating screen: the same material has different thickness, and different element content will directly affect the service life of the equipment;


  The common materials for vibrating screen are Q235 carbon steel and 304 stainless steel. Take the vibrating screen produced by Zhenying Brand vibrating machinery as an example: Q235 carbon steel sheet thickness is 3.5-4mm for screen frame, 6mm for bottom barrel, and thickness of 304 stainless steel sheet for screen frame. 2.5-3mm, bottom barrel 6mm. Secondly, we mainly use fixed and well-known stainless steel sheet suppliers - TAISTEEL and POSCO. The actual use environment also affects the service life of the vibrating screen, such as environmental problems such as moisture and corrosion.

  2. Operation of vibrating screen: The nature of the feeding material, the environment and the feeding method during the use of the vibrating screen will also affect the service life of the equipment;

  The nature of the feeding material: such as the shape of the material, particle size composition, corrosion, static electricity, etc.

  Production environment: environment such as the humidity of the air and so on. For example, the location of Southeast Asian customers must be considered in the selection of raw materials and equipment operations due to the high humidity of the environment.

  3. Design: Design is the foundation of a piece of equipment. Only good design techniques and knowledge of related industries can design and produce good quality equipment;

  In the industry, Zhenying Machinery has entered the vibrating screen industry since 1999. It has a history of 20 years, including 3 senior engineers and 1 set of patented production equipment. It has a leading voice in the industry and equipment related. In addition to the 300 patents, including 10 innovative patents, it is a well-known high-tech enterprise in Henan Province. At present, an production line with an annual output of 20,000 sets of automated production line for vibrating screens is under construction. It is expected to be completed by the end of July this year.

  4. Enterprise strength: The hardware and software strength of an enterprise determines the quality and service life of the equipment produced;

  The hardware facilities are the primary factors that our company cares about. In addition to the purchase of general production equipment, automated crimping and semi-automatic welding equipment is the first manufacturer in the industry in 2018. In 2019, it cooperates with the famous universities in Xinxiang City. The automated robotic welding equipment for the screen frame is now in production. The use of these devices is undoubtedly the revolutionary significance of industrial optimization in the vibrating screen processing and manufacturing industry.

  Software facilities are also another factor in the development of the company. In addition to a good corporate culture and all people-oriented corporate development concepts, we are actively introducing management software suitable for enterprise development to protect the long-term development of the company.

  5. Related accessories: The vibrating screen accessories are made up of vibration motor, screen mesh, shock absorbing spring, sealing ring and cleaning net device. The quality of the accessories also affects the life of the equipment. The service life of a vibrating screen is affected by many factors. Users should choose a regular manufacturer during the procurement process to ensure the use of the equipment and subsequent after-sales.

  In the process of making the vibrating screen, we must ensure the uniformity and replaceability of each component to ensure the convenience of the customer to replace the relevant accessories.