Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Vibration Platform


  1. Vibrating vibration when the concrete vibration platform starts

  When the vibration platform starts and stops, there will be a short-time large amplitude swing, which is a normal phenomenon. It will return to positive after about 5 seconds. This phenomenon can be installed with energy-consuming braking to achieve rapid shutdown

  2.How to adjust the exciting force of concrete vibrating table

  Remove the protective cover at both ends of the vibrating motor, loosen the fastening bolts on the movable eccentric block, change the angle between the movable eccentric block and the fixed eccentric block, and measure the distance between the sharp corners of the two excitation blocks with the ruler. The amount of adjustment on the side is equal, otherwise the vibration motor will have a destructive misdirected excitation force, which will affect the normal use of the motor. After adjustment, lock the bolts on the movable eccentric block and install the protective cover on both sides of the motor;

  3. How to maintain the platform

  The concrete vibration platform is a high-frequency vibration mechanical device, and daily maintenance is necessary to extend its service life. After the installation is put into production, the connecting bolt of the vibration motor should be inspected once a day in the first week. If it is loose, it should be re-tightened in time. In order to ensure the normal use of the vibration platform, the residual foreign matter on the net surface should be removed before each shift