Introduction to the working principle of concrete vibration platform



     1. Vibration platform body 2. Vibration reduction spring

  3. Vibration motor 4. Lower frame

  As shown in the figure, two horizontal vibrating motors are installed under the concrete vibration platform. The size of the vibrating motor is selected according to the bearing weight of the table. A rubber spring is installed at each of the four corners of the concrete vibrating platform as cushioning and shock absorption. The vibration platform can realize the ideal transformation of the bulk material on the platform by adjusting the vibration excitation force of the vibration motor, and can also adjust the frequency and amplitude of the vibration motor through the frequency modulator to achieve the rubber spring to the vibration table. Ascending, descending and damping effects.

  Concrete vibration platform features:

  1. The concrete vibration platform adjusts the vibration motor's excitation force during use to achieve the ideal form of material on the platform.

  2. install a fixed device, there is a fixed release function.

  3. Adding energy brakes for fast downtime

  4. There are many vibration directions: horizontal, vertical, and upper and lower vibrations.

  5. The vibration motor is an excitation source with low noise, low power consumption, simple maintenance, good processability and environmental protection.

  6. The special shaking table for flour has a simple structure. Reliable operation, light weight, small size and easy installation

  7. The height of the table is adjustable, suitable for use on the assembly line

  8. Countertops can be customized; maximum power 7.5kw, excitation force 80KN, can carry sandbox weight 10T

  10. The concrete vibration platform has the advantages of good vibration effect, low noise, accurate and reliable, convenient operation and rapid forming.