What issues need to be paid attention to when buying vibrating screen


  With the improvement of living standards, the use of vibrating screens is still relatively wide, but many people buy vibrating screens for the first time, and they don’t know the vibrating screen very much, so they can’t buy the machinery that is really suitable for them. What problems should you pay attention to in the vibrating screen? Today, we will give you a comprehensive introduction to this issue that everyone is more concerned about.

  First, the screen of the vibrating screen should be understood to understand the screen size and the mesh number: for general materials, the productivity and screening efficiency of the vibrating screen are determined by the mesh size. The productivity depends on the width of the screen surface, and the productivity of the screen surface is high. The general aspect ratio is 2.

  Second, it is necessary to clarify why the vibrating screen should be selected. The purpose of using the vibrating screen is to classify, remove, granulate, or filter the material and the amount of production that needs to be achieved every day, or one month, so that the vibrating screen manufacturer can You make some professional advice, such as choosing the size of the vibrating screen, the mesh number of the screen, etc., or using a linear vibrating screen or an ultrasonic vibrating screen.

  Third, the characteristics of the sieved material: refers to the name of the material, the shape of the particle size, the specific gravity, the moisture content and the temperature. When the fines content of the material is large, the productivity of the screening machine is also large. When the humidity of the material is large, the screening efficiency generally decreases. However, the larger the mesh size, the smaller the influence of moisture, so for the wet material with large moisture content, in order to improve the screening process, it is generally possible to adopt a method of increasing the mesh hole or adopting wet screening.

  Fourth, you need to know the amplitude of the vibration motor and the understanding of the excitation force. Explosion-proof motors are also ordinary motors.

  The above is a comprehensive introduction to the issues that need to be paid attention to when purchasing vibrating screens. I believe that through today's introduction, you should understand what problems you should pay attention to when purchasing vibrating screens. If you have more questions about vibrating screens.