Light calcium special screening machine: air flow screen


  The set of equipment mainly consists of a coarse screen, a main engine, a cyclone collector and a pulse dust collector.

  1. Rough screening: using horizontal airflow sieve instead of roller sieve, it is 3 times of the price of ordinary roller-passing screen, high screening efficiency, good atomization effect, automatic slag discharge, bearing isolation, no dust, Less maintenance, in series with the mainframe, compact structure.

  2. Main unit: It adopts the fan-gear form and has a power of 18.5 kW. It effectively utilizes the host's conveying capacity to ensure that the finished product in the mainframe can reach the cyclone collector quickly. The area of ​​the impeller screen was increased to 5 square meters, and the output per stage was 5 tons/hour.

  3. Cyclone collector: The closed cage is used to prevent the material from flowing backwards. The eyepiece is installed to observe the material. The large-capacity cyclone collecting box can be used to collect the material at 99% at one time. The lower XL55-600 type with whirlwind cap is designed to reduce the wind. Pressure loss.

  4. Pulse dust collector: The cyclone pulse dust collector is used to pre-treat dusty gas, reduce the pressure of the filter bag, and improve the conveying capacity. The number of filter bags is 40.