The linear vibrating screen has a short life. Where is the reason?


  1. The vibration amplitude of the linear vibrating screen is too small to effectively overcome the viscous force of the clay, so that the vibrating screen accumulates in the screen and accelerates the damage to the screen.

  1) Improve the vibration amplitude of the linear vibrating screen;

  2) Change the number of nets or adjust the flow of single screen to make the material discharge smoothly.

  (3) Rinse the sieve with water spray and reduce the viscosity with clay, but this method is only suitable for the case where water is allowed to be added;

  (4) Adjusting the sieve angle of the sand discharge port to facilitate gravity drainage;

  Second, after the rubber band supporting the screen is worn, the sieve cannot be firmly contacted with it, and the sieve is unreasonably tight and can be adjusted.

  3. Screens usually have a sieving layer and a low stress layer, which requires a tight fit between the two layers. If the pre-screen tensioning process is not good, when the bottom stress layer is tightened, the screen layer is not fastened, the material throwing force is greatly reduced during work, and the material cannot be smoothly sieved and discharged.

  Solution: Replace the high quality screen.