The material of linear screen net rack: steel and wood


  1) Selection criteria for steel net rack: industry demand, when the material requirements for screening are steel, for example: food, medicine, etc.; screening demand, generally more than 30 mesh size(more than 30 mesh coarse mesh);

  2) Selection criteria for wooden net frame: When there is no special requirement in the industry, if the number of mesh screens is below 60 mesh, the choice is wooden net frame;

  3) Advantages and disadvantages of the two grids:

  Steel net rack: Advantages: clean, durable;

  Disadvantages: the professional installation of the screen is strong, the screen life is relatively low.

  Wooden net frame: Advantages: convenient for changing the net, the service life of the screen is relatively long, the manufacturing cost is low, and the on-site manufacturing is convenient;

  Disadvantage is: easy to damage, not suitable for the screening of easy pollution material and wet material.