What matters need to pay attention to before the rotary vibrating screen starts


  Rotary vibrating screen is the most widely used in the vibrating screen family, because of its shape characteristics and the characteristics of screening materials, it is also called a round vibrating screen or a round screen powder machine. Its applicable materials are very wide, and liquids, granules, and powders can be sieved. It is precisely the liberalization of customization and high penetration that has created a high market share of rotary vibrating screens. Then, the precautions for the start-up operation of the rotary vibrating screen have become the things that the rotary vibrating screen manufacturers need to synchronize and popularize, so that users can use it better. The precautions before turning on the rotary vibrating screen will be popularized today.

  1. Remove the transportation support frame:

  In order to avoid damage to the shaker equipment during transportation, the rotary vibrating screen manufacturer will install three support frames made of flat steel before leaving the factory. The user requires that the support frame must be removed before the first startup. Otherwise, the rotary vibrating screen cannot operate normally, and there are signs to indicate the installation position of the support frame, and the general position is near the vibration spring.

  2. Check the tightening of the accessories of the rotary vibrating screen:

  Before using the equipment, carefully check the firmness of the vibration motor, locking ring, shock-absorbing spring and other components; check the fasteners of the vibrating screen, the bolts of the whole machine are tightened in place before leaving the factory, but the user is required After using for a period of time, the bolts of the whole machine are required to be tightened again, and the bolts will loosen under the condition of stress relief. If any looseness is found, it should be tightened in time.

  3. Fixed corner:

  Since the vibrating screen is a screening purpose achieved by vibrating motor, high-frequency vibration will be generated during screening, and the phenomenon of the overall movement of the screen machine will be generated. Therefore, the bottom barrel needs to be fixed at the corner when it is used for the first time, which can effectively protect the equipment and Improve screening efficiency.

  4. Screen tightness:

  The tightness of the screen of the rotary vibrating screen is generally installed in place before leaving the factory, but the equipment made by some small manufacturers is difficult to say. The user should pay attention to the tightness of the screen when using the rotary vibrating screen for the first time, the screen is too loose Material penetration rate will drop.

  5. Check the running direction of vertical vibration motor:

  Vertical vibration motor is the vibration source of the rotary vibrating screen equipment. The rotation direction of the vibration motor has a certain influence on the screening performance. The direction of the vibration motor normally rotates clockwise. In addition, users can flexibly adjust the angle of the eccentric block of the vibration motor and change the material screening method. The user should adjust the eccentric block to the appropriate position according to the different moisture content, viscosity and specific gravity of the material.

  6. After the feeding is completed, let the round sieve powder machine continue to run for about 5 minutes, so that the screen and bottom materials are completely discharged to avoid the residual materials from getting wet, the next screening effect of the sound, or due to the replacement of materials and mesh The problem of mixing.