Motor angle and screen machine for linear screen


  1) At present, the design of the motor tilt angle is 45, 40, 30, 20, etc., 45 degrees and 40 degrees are normally selected; the product with very good fluidity is 30 degrees (for example: spherical). The screening of linear materials use the below 20 degrees (for example: aluminum-magnesium alloy chips);

  2) Inclination angle of the sieve machine: 0-10 degrees. Normal conditions: all are 0 degrees. When the material has poor fluidity but easy to be sieved, and no need to be install bouncing balls then adopt to the inclination angle sieve machine. The inclination angle is determined according to the aperture of the screen, the fluidity of the material, and the length of the sieve machine; for example: 5 mm slag, the inclination angle of the sieve machine is preferably 3-5 degrees;

  3) When the inclined angle of the screen of the linear screen is >5 degrees, it is forbidden to install the bouncing balls.