Moving screen + dust collector, screening, dust removal


  Vibrating screen feed port

  Because of the accumulation of many raw materials, the vibrating screen feed port is very likely to cause more soot. Especially for large-volume vibrating screen machines with a production capacity of several thousand tons at a certain time, the dust concentration is also very large. It is also possible to add a closed hopper and a feed port in a sealed connection on the machine to reduce the probability of the raw material being exposed to the outside. According to the inner belt of the hopper, the belt can be transported, and the rate of raw material transfer can be accelerated.

  Vibrating screen discharge

  Because the vibrating screen feed port and the receiving machine equipment do not have a very good sealing docking, which leads to the situation of yellow sand, it is necessary to carry out a sealed soft connection at the inlet of the feeding port, and select a computer intelligent control system to keep it unused. Manual service automatic feeding can also greatly reduce the smoke and dust during the whole process of feeding.

  Dust during vibration

  In the whole process of vibrating screen operation, due to the obvious vibration, it will also cause a lot of smoke, not only the sealing of the outside of the machine equipment, but also the dust collector equipment equipped on the machine equipment is very necessary.