MVE-F series vertical vibration motor


  MVE-F series vertical vibration motor is an ideal vibration source for various rotary or compound rotary vibration machines. It has small volume, light weight, quick start, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and easy excitation. The level is adjusted and the adjustment range is wide, the vibration has no mechanical conduction, the installation is convenient, the maintenance is simple, and the service life is long. With the circular or elliptical composite vibration generated by it, the screening efficiency and the screening accuracy are improved, and the surface quality of the parts is cleaned efficiently, and the crushing or mixing effect is improved. Mainly used in equipment such as vibrating screen, vibrating cleaning machine, vibrating finishing machine, vibrating crusher, vibrating mixing machine, etc.

  Voltage: 220/380V three-phase, can be customized

  Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz, can be customized

  Insulation class: main body H class, wiring cavity F class

  Protection level: dustproof and waterproof (IP65)

  Working environment: altitude not exceeding 1000m, -20~+40°C

  Working system: continuous (S1)

  Excitation force adjustment: 0 to rated excitation force, can achieve stepless adjustment

  Excitation force: 0~2000 kg