What should I pay attention to when selecting vibrating screen accessories?


  The vibrating screen consists of a vibrating motor, a screen, a grid, a bearing, a bouncing ball, etc. Most of them are wearing parts. No matter which damage will affect the screening effect and efficiency of the equipment, the replacement of parts is frequent, and the vibrating screen is needed. Choose the right spare parts.

  First, the screening vibration source - vibration motor

  The vibration motor is the core component of the vibratory screening machine, which is the vibration exciter. The magnitude of the exciting force is determined by the size of the vibrating screen, the characteristics of the material, and the amount of processing. The weight of the screening machine is different from the amount of processing, and the size of the vibration motor is also different. Excessive excitation force, vibration screening opportunity due to excessive excitation force and cracking phenomenon. If the exciting force is too small, the treatment effect will not be achieved, and material accumulation and blocking may occur.

  Second, screening filtration - screen

  The screen is an indispensable accessory for the vibrating screen and is the part that is in direct contact with the material. Generally, the material of the vibrating screen is divided into: 316L, 316, and 304. According to the different materials, different screens should be selected. 316L (316) is used for acid and alkali resistance or for food and medicine screening. If there is no special requirement, the screening material can be selected from 304.

  Third, the support equipment - bearings

  The bearing is also the support point of the vibration motor or the vibration exciter. It is one of the most critical components in the vibrating screen equipment. The main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient and the rotation precision during the operation of the vibrating screening machine. Pay attention to the following points when selecting bearings:

  1. Check for cracks, impurities and rust inside and outside the bearing;

  2. There is no noise when turning, and there is turbid oil stain on the surface;

  3. Check the clearance of the bearing, whether the size is within the error range;

  Fourth, the cleaning device - bouncing ball

  The bouncing ball acts to clean up the clogged material in the vibrating screen.

  According to the material: rubber: used for the screening of general materials; silica gel: better than rubber, good wear resistance, not easy to fall off. Usually suitable for screening food, medicine and other materials