Precautions for ultrasonic vibrating screen during operating


  1. The screen or discharge port is at a level:

  When using an ultrasonic vibrating screen, check that the screen surface or the discharge port is level. This is directly related to the screening effect of the ultrasonic vibrating screen; if it is not horizontal, it must be adjusted in time. The ultrasonic vibrating screen is produced by the support legs, and the customer can adjust the legs to smooth the ultrasonic vibrating screen and reduce the vibrating screen accordingly.

  2. Adjust the angle of the upper and lower eccentric blocks of the motor;

  The angles of the upper eccentric block and the lower eccentric block of the ultrasonic vibrating screen vibration motor can be adjusted. The smaller the angle, the faster the material spreads and the angle changes, causing the material to slowly unfold. When changing the angle of the eccentric block of the vibration motor, it should be adjusted by about 5 degrees.

  If the ultrasonic vibrating screen screening accuracy is strictly required, the motor angle should not be too small, otherwise the material will spread rapidly, which is not conducive to the screening effect. In the case of an ultrasonic vibrating screen, the angle of the motor eccentric block is 45°.

  3. The height of the screen surface matches the height of the discharge opening

  Check that the ultrasonic shaker screen and drain are level or too high. Under normal conditions, it should be about 5 mm higher. The design of the exit height of the ultrasonic vibrating screen differs depending on the material properties.