How to prevent the screen of the vibrating screen from being blocked


  1. For those materials with more flaky particles, it is necessary to change the way of the material is broken.

  2. For materials with more than 5% moisture in the material, if the material is dried unconditionally, the sieve surface and the sieve hole should be selected in a targeted manner to avoid damage to the sieve surface and the sieve hole.

  3. If the material has finer particle size, more mud content, and smaller sieve size, moisture will play a decisive role in the clogging of the screen, so we must pay attention to the moisture value of the material during the process.

  Reasonable adjustment of the tension of the screen is an effective method to reduce the plugging of the screen. Reasonable tension force causes the screen to produce a slight secondary vibration with the support beam, thus effectively reducing the occurrence of plugging. This can make the screen work better.