The problem of sieving abnormalities about the linear vibrating screen


  1. The two motors must be synchronized to the opposite motion, open the device to observe the running direction of the motor;

  2. Check if both motors are in normal operation. Turn on each motor separately and observe if they are normal. Please note that the running time of a single unit is a good result.

  3. The two motors are the same. The two motors must use the same type of motor with the same manufacturer; the excitation force of the two motors must be the same, and the adjustment phase angle of the upper and lower eccentric weights of the motor is the same;

  4. The equipment and screen must be in a horizontal state: open the upper cover to observe the material and screening of the material. If the material is unevenly traversed or ditched, first check the tightness of the screen; check the level of the equipment in turn. And smoothness; if this phenomenon still does not improve very well, then adjust the upper frame of the pressure net.

  5. Whether the equipment is connected to a hard object or pressed by a heavy object;