What are the reasons for the excessive wear of the vibrating screen?


  Screen wear will have a serious impact on the production of the entire production line, resulting in uneven product size, poor quality of finished products, rework, etc., seriously affecting production schedule and production efficiency, and needs to attract the attention of users.

  1. The material of the vibrating screen is not good. If the mesh is very poor, it will not meet the requirements and it is easy to wear and damage. Zhenying Machinery recommends that you choose the professional Xinxiang vibrating screen manufacturer when you purchase the vibrating screen. The vibrating screen produced is selected with a reliable quality screen.

  2. Check the progress of the screen frequently. If the screen is not tightly attached to the screen frame, the tension of the screen will not work, which will easily cause the screen to tremble, causing cracks or damage along the edge of the screen or at the edge of the screen.

  3. If the screen is not evenly tensioned when installing the screen, the uneven force on each side may cause the screen to be damaged.

  4, too much one-time feeding will also cause the screen damage too fast. The main function of the screen is to be responsible for the screening of the material. During the screening process, we will continuously input the material into the vibrating screen. The processing capacity of the vibrating screen is certain, and the load it bears is also certain. A large amount of material causes the load capacity of the screen to be less than the weight of the material, which increases the load on the screen and causes damage to the screen.