Reasons for Feeding material can go running on the screen during vibrating screen operation


  1. The screen box of the vibrating screen should be horizontally level with the horizontal plane during installation. If the horizontal level of the screen box is not balanced, the screen surface will be shifted to a certain extent, and the material cannot flow in a straight line;

  2. When the rigidity of the support spring of the screen box is too large, the material is easily subjected to excessive excitation force and generates severe vibration. If the support spring is damaged, the material may be unevenly stressed due to uneven force;

  3. If the screen of the vibrating screen is damaged for a long time, it will cause the material to flow normally on the screen surface;

  4. When the vibrating screen is not evenly fed, the material can not be subjected to a uniform exciting force, and thus the material of the linear vibrating screen surface is abnormally flowed.