Reasons for heat of the vibrating screen bearing


  There are many reasons for the heat of the vibrating screen bearing, but there are mainly the following aspects:

  First, the design reasons:

  (1), the bearing life calculation is not performed or the calculated value is low,

  (2) The bearing fit (dimension tolerance and shape tolerance) is unreasonable.

  (3) The structure design of the lubrication system in the vibrator is unreasonable, and the bearing cannot be fully lubricated.

  (4) There is no special bearing for vibration machinery.

  Second, the reasons for manufacturing:

  (1) The processing precision of the vibrator is not enough, and it is not strictly processed according to the drawings.

  (2), the vibrator assembly is not scientific, barbaric assembly.

  (3) The bearing quality is unqualified.

  Third, the reasons for use:

  Lubrication of bearings without timing, too much or too little.

  Solution: If the bearing is heated due to design and manufacturing reasons, it is better to replace the new vibrator. If the bearing quality is unqualified, replace the new bearing and add lubrication according to the requirements.