The reasons of the vibrating screen blocks the net


  There are many reasons for the material to block the net, which is largely determined by the physical properties of the material itself. Of course, the reasonableness of the net structure is also one of the factors affecting the blockage problem. The main reasons are:

  1. There are particles in the screening material which are very close to the pore size of the sieve, and the particles are embedded in the sieve mesh to form a blockage;

  2. There are more sheet-like structures in the material;

  3. The material has the viscous properties such as fiber, and adheres to each other to form large particles which are not easy to be sieved, and adhere to the sieve screen;

  4, the material is easy to generate static electricity, causing the particles to adsorb each other, floating difficult to screen;

  5. The vibrating screen woven screen mesh is thick;

  6, thicker screens such as rubber screens, the hole shape design is unreasonable, did not reach the upper and lower, and the particles stuck.